Monday, 6 March 2017

no title

I lost my bestfriend, love, money, and fame just because of stupid trivial misunderstanding, but learned to stand out from this fall to become a better human being than yesterday..

I am just 18 but the experience that i've been thru is beyond the expectation. i've reached the point where i don't care anymore on what you're going to think about who am i going to be

Bukan kawasan dan wilayah manusia hipokrit dan plastik.. hanya menjadi diri sendiri. Insha allah watch me fly high walaupun sentiasa jatuh tersungkur. i love my journey and always happy to be me..

Ini buku baru mana mungkin patah semangat. Allah maha adil dalam memberi.. Dia tahu luar dalam setiap sesuatu.. semua berlaku atas izinNya..