Saturday, 3 March 2012

Min ! Thank You Wish xD ~ sayang awak jugak *muah

Hari ni ak bkk facebook n tiba2 and satu nofitication ni.."Azian Euwer Wolf  posted something on your wall"..and then ak click kat situ..min ada post dia punya blog " Forever Imperfect "..n ak baca lah..weeeeeeee...terharu ak..thankss min :)..syang kau *muah~ :).. ingat dah lupa bufday ak..farizan dgn fatihah pun ingat hari ni hmm tapi takpe..korang wish pun dah buat ak happy :D...cuma Hazirah je x wish :(...mngkin dia lupa kot.. You are so sweet to remember my big day! Thanks again for thinking of me :)


Thank you…
You’re wishes
birthday for me
Have been accepted with much appreciation and gratitude
Each and everyone of you deserves to smile endlessly
You have all given me the happiest birthday I have had
And I could never thank you enough
I will never be able to give you enough in return
For what you have given me
I have been blessed with the happiest memories of my life
And thanks to you
I have them for myself
To share and to cherish
Because you were all there for me
My best friends in the whole of the wide universe
There aren’t enough words to say
There aren’t of gifts to give you
But there is enough love in my heart
To keep the memory of you with me
Thank you all
For wishing me a happy birthday…

"As we go on.. We remeber... All the times, we had together... As our lives change...come whatever We will still be friends 4-Ever "

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