Sunday, 4 November 2012

Next Year

Maybe this will happen if I live at boarding school..Maybe people didn't think it's a massive huge problem but I do.Step in to my school and waiting for the next day of school..probably the worst things I've ever imagine.


 I didn't know to talk to whom at school.I didn't HAVE the one who I should call...FRIENDS on it or maybe Superb Friends.I just basically talk to my own or just talk to the roomates.I share my problem not for YOU to read it but it just my way to say about my feelings.Blog is not for popularity but for me,it's kinda of dawa' and story

(Back to the story)

  I thought one day I'll be sayin' "I like this school etc etc etc" but not now I think.I don't like nerd.Nerd lives with the books not with the people.I'm not kind of like that,I'm kind of (kinda+of) randoms.Yes! I need support in my life.Well if I live at hostel which I can't always share my feelings and if I do,I don't usually share(well menipu lah! haha banyak sangat citenyee)..

Roommates might know when I talk to mum I always say I wanna move.They know I wasn't quite happy at here but hmm... LET IT BE..I don't really freaking care if they wanna say I'm kinda manja or wtvr..

Some people kindof talam sepuluh muka with me and some kinda nice and etc (esp form 2).Hmm many challenge at this school..

Well I've a worklist to do ..Well there you goo.

 To do list

-maybe silence is the best
-have a lot of friend there

Okay maybe it's little MUCH ..In this month insyallah ,pray for my healthiness and happiness in here and hereafter..

I may not go in worklist but I at list I try some.

For the people who kinda talam sepuluh muka-Well done! you basically gimme a lot of rewards 

For those people who nice or okay with me-Thanks for keep supporting me

Well there you go! ..So that's all

p/s:Allah knows my problem..Allah really knows me than myself..
p/s:i'm in tears..i mean seriously

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