Tuesday, 25 December 2012

I'm Back ! :)

At last after a long pause and without any notice of pause, I'm back with background song "I'm Coming Home". Uiseh ada lagi background song kan, macam drama pulak. Hehehe... Okay2.. Come back with the story. 1st of all, thank you for all the visitor that still visit my blog walaupun no update since hampir few days sdah. Sorry for my reader.. I just have no time to update blog since broadband dah espired a.k.a dah kena ambik . Sampailah sekarang ni, I try to make my self available for blogging back. How I missed to blog actually, especially to read others blogger story. Banyak sudah yang aku tertinggal sekarang ni. Now, I'm back. I can't update my blog everday as last time, but I'll make sure my blog will be update every week. *crossfinger*. Mood nak bersegmen pun dah down . Sorry sgt , yang invite kt shoutbox tu :/ . Oklah until now, nanti ak update a little bit about anything happened to me yang already past. So here enjoy the scenery.

Lots of love , Ain

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