Monday, 6 May 2013

Be Patient


How your day today ? Someone make you happy ? or Sad ? or try to kill yourself ? so today , ak cuma mw luahkan apa yg aku terima hari ni . I try to forget about EVERYDAY . that make my life to be a Stupid Person . I'm tired about ' FIGHT ' . Everyone know what is Fight ? I think , everyone know what meaning of Fight . Budak budak kecil umur 1 tahun lebih pun tau . 
I try to forgetit . but , i can't . I want make your day happy today . but , i already failed .  so now , I try to be Happy . Like nothing happen to me . I miss you act . but , I'm sorry becouse made your day like fucking sad day .

I just miss our memories. Maybe I don't cry, but it hurts. Maybe I won't say, but I feel. Maybe I don't show, but I care. Dear heart, please be strong :) . Sikit - sikit ada jea orang nak cari gaduh then takde siapa pun nak backup ak. Ak pun taktahu apa masalah diorang. Almost everyday kut. sabar k sabar.

Where were you when I needed you the most? Dear friend be strong ok? Anythng hppn, I'll be there. huh. "Cause one day we're gonna separated" . Maybe f4 nnti pindah kut. Insyallah. haih. Sometimes I hate when my best friends became my enemies, surely I don't want that thing happening to me. And until now, still friends and I hope we're forever friends!
But um I'm just hate my new friend. Like seriously,  ni tak kena itu tak kena. semua samaa jelah. Nak aku dengar cakap kau ? Apa yang kau nakk lagi? Cukup laa aku layan kau dengan baik ok. Everyday , kau dah spoil mood ak. faham. realise that sometime kita tak boleh too nice dengan orang sbb nnti dia ak buat shit dengan kita. Right? haa .. amek kau ;p . Just be patient in what we do! 

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