Sunday, 30 June 2013

You know you've been Malaysianized when... *lets read*

You know you've been Malaysianized when...

  • You know when to use lah, leh, lo, lor, meh, and ma all correctly
  • You know the pros and cons of using DiGi, Maxis and Celcom
  • Why do like this meh? is a completely okay question to ask
  • You don't go out if it rains. Or even the day after it rains if it's a bad storm. Actually the rain stops all plans, and who wants to deal with the jam anyways??
  • You think of KL people as city folk
  • "We see how first" are words to live by
  • You know the words for eat and tea in Tamil, Malay, and a few dialects of Chinese
  • Complaining about how hot it is while soaking in the aircon/ fan is a completely justifiable way to spend a day
  • As is going on facebook, twitter, and 9gag for 7 hours straight
  • School holiday? Sleep until noon
  • You know you should be studying but instead go on to twitter to complain about how much homework you have to do
  • Shaving is optional
  • You know at least 1 Malay and Tamil song
  • You know whether to call someone "anne" or "abang"
  • You'd rather call a women that looks slightly older kakak than deal with the consequences of calling an older looking woman that's young mak cik
  • Arguing with the taxi drivers to use the metre isn't so difficult
  • Crossing a busy street? No problem, use the hand
  • You know how to use chopsticks and eat with your hands
  • You've slowly forgotten how to eat with a knife...
  • You get scolded by the prefects for not buttoning your baju kurung 
  • You know what food stall at the canteen has the best food on what days
  • There are people in your class that speak better English than you
  • You know exactly what drama went down on twitter last night
  • You always take a Chinese friend with you to eat dimsum because the dimsum women always try and rip you off
  • People back in the US don't understand your English
  • It's really hard to understand a non-Malaysian accent
  • It's really difficult to form an English sentence without using a Malay or Chinese word
  • You've used the phrase "special discount untuk mat salleh boleh cakap bahasa melayu" countless times
  • You get really angry when someone thinks you're a tourist
  • Hearing someone talking about you in Malay and approaching them and saying saya boleh faham bm is the best. thing. ever.
  • You've never watched a Korean drama but still know what's going on in at least 3 of them from your talkative classmates
  • It's second nature to bring tissue with you everywhere
  • You've learned to not be offended when a Chinese or a Malay auntie tells you how fat you've gotten
  • Whatsapp is crucial to survival
  • You can't go more than one week without eating roti canai or nasi lemak...
  • ... or one day without eating some form of nasi
  • You can tell how sweet the teh o ais is going to be based on the race of the pak cik or mak cik that makes it
  • You know what night market is open when and where
  • You feel vaguely uncomfortable when you're in a new place and the call to prayer goes off and it's not the one you're used to
  • You can tell what app someone is using on their phone based on the azan it plays
  • You know what the call to prayer sounds like on at least 3 different radio stations
  • You start to spell things the British way
  • You know and taste the difference between Malay and Chinese char kuey teow
  • You know which way to fold and your banana leaf and what it means after eating banana leaf rice
  • Everyone goes to you with their problems because they know you don't know the names of anyone in school still
  • Life without roti scares the crap out of you
  • The GE is all you can talk about
  • You laugh at the amount of political flags hanging up
  • You still don't know the name of two girls in your class
  • You know the LRT and Monorail system better than your host family
  • The Starbucks baristas know you by name because you hang out there so often
  • Malaysians know more about American pop culture than you
  • You still can't recognize school people when they're not wearing their uniform
  • People start ridiculous rumors about you (I DID NOT MOVE TO CHINA FOR 2 WEEKS)
  • It doesn't phase you when you find out it was your English teacher that started the rumor
  • You're tired and lazy all the time
  • Going on a run is literally a joke
  • People keep telling you the rainy season sudah pass but it still rains everyday
  • There is no such thing as too much milo
  • You started saying going back to America instead of going home, because Malaysia is home
  • You don't know if you have friends/ who your friends are back home, but that's okay
  • The thought of leaving Malaysia makes you cry. Really, really hard.
  • You know that you'll be back one day!!
Yeah! kan? hoho.. credit to her.. lets follow her blog :-)  ---> Hannah

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