Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kalau berdiam itu lebih baik..

Woah.. entry berspeaking sikit. Ala , cari kt mr google je. Hihi.

Jadi...I decided to keep silent and silent....kalau itu lebih baik, apa salahnya kita cuba kan...? So...Kalau berdiam itu lebih baik, ok, aku okay! TAPI.....But sometimes I wish I could speak my mind. Inside I have a million opinions about things but I keep silent!I think there are a lot of people out there, who keep silent, rather than open their mouth about things and say how they feel. I don´t think I´m alone in that aspect. But it´s frustrating. All the things you want to speak your opinion about eat you up from the inside...I´ve seen this all too many times to think any differently, even though I constantly live in hope that someday I will be surrounded by people who can handle the truth...even if it´s not packaged in a pink ribbon with sugar on top...

I have stuff on my mind. I have stuff that bothers me. I have stuff I hate but can´t do anything about. I have responsibilities and things I wish I could run away from. Who doesn´t experience any of the above or all? But life goes on, you go on, I go on...we learn how to deal with things sometimes just by going through them. Sometimes there is no answer. Sometimes there is no advice that can help, you just have to experience it and act in the moment...but everything moves forward...whether we like it or not... So, I learnt something these days!


  1. Kadang-kadang cakap banyak pon boleh dapat dosa . Lebih baik diam . Islam pon ajar macamtu :)

  2. Betul itu , diam lebih baik dari banyak cakap :D


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