Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Random #1

Salam. hi, ho, hey, holla :) . It had been silence here. 2014 start a a huge busy moment I ever had. Friends are not always all around with me. Homework and pbs. All those things do occupied my freetime. Only bila holiday I can relax and calm down my mind. It should be called as relax. Tapi tak boleh relax sangat pun. eheh.

And most important things is exam semakin hari semakin dekat. Damn. Tonite, i feel upset with someone that I use to know. ugh tak tahu macam mana nak decribe this worst feeling. haih

Oh ye, books cover. hmm, ya dont judge a book by its cover. when u just look on one's phisically, you'll not automatically know all about him/her. I hate when people act like they know all about us but actually they didn't. It'll make people felt annoyed. well, now many people do like fake themself.

Some of people in this world love to talk bad about other although they don't know about people that they talk at. that we can call damn pile of shit. And else i don't like people givin over their irritating idea or advice for unsuitable condition pr dilemma that we had. yet,u just know about his/her name, but u don't know what they had. U just know what's their story but u dont know what they had going through. so, diam lah.

Not in mood. kbye xoxo

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