Sunday, 30 March 2014

Random #2

Assalamualaikum. Salam , hi , ho , hey , holla :) . *tiup habuk* phew fuh lama gilos eden tak update.
There is a point in your life,
When you realize who matters,
who [never] DID,who always will,
and who don't anymore

... So don't worry about people from your past,
there's reason they didn't
make it to your [future]
So, How your day today ? Someone make you happy ? or Sad ? or try to kill yourself ? so today , ak cuma nk luahkan apa yg ak going through lately . I try to forget about it EVERYDAY. that make my life to be a Stupid Person. I'm tired about ' FIGHT '. Everyone know what is Fight ? I think , everyone know what meaning of Fight. Budak budak kecil umur 1 tahun lebih pun tau.

I try to forget it. but , i can't. so now , I try to be Happy. Like nothing happen to me. Tapi sampai bila? entah la. Dear self, be strong. I know you can go through this.
ஜ Walau tak ada ORANG sayang kita TAPI ALLAH ada dekat di hati kita.
♥ Walau tak ada ORANG tolong kita TAPI ALLAH ada LINDUNGI kita.
♥ Walau tak ada ORANG rindu kita TAPI ALLAH tetap tunggu kita.
♥ Walau tak ada ORANG jaga kita TAPI ALLAH perhatikan kita.
♥ Walau tak ada ORANG dengan kita TAPI ALLAH ada temankan kita. ஜ

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Happy Birthday To Me

Salam, hi, ho, hey :) . #02032014. Ahamdullilah. I'm officially become fifteen. aaa takpe haku muda lagi ye. hihi.

Hadiah dari classmates: Thankyou Natasha & Bella. ♡

¤ Birthday's cake ¤

I  really appreciate all da wish. Thankyou so much for those unexpected birthday's gift :'D . You all really made my day.