Thursday, 18 December 2014

Menanti Hari Itu.

22/12 is the day☆
Assalamualaikum. its only 3 days to go! then i will know the official pt3 result. fuh. maigod. cepatnya masa berlalu. walaupun ak dah tau unofficial mark but still i keep on hoping supaya gred menurun tahun ni. and mana tau tetiba miracle happen ke. haha insha allah. amin. ak masih tengah fikir nak ambik aliran apa ni..


To Dear self,
expecting too much will just lead to the result in getting more disappointment.

so can you be strong enough?
I hope.
I can.
I'll try.
I just want to skip 'Result Day'. Can i?

no matter what the result will be,
please be redha dearself.
Indeed, Allah knows what best for you.

To Candidates PT3,
whatever result you get,
you should impress yourselves.

Siapa je yg boleh nak ngam dengan format baru kurang dari 3 bulan kalau tak kita.

but It's not too late to stay up late and pray.
May Allah grants us kiddos 99 the best.

Last but not least...

To Dear parents,
when PT3 result come out,
i don't care about my feeling
but i care about yours.

don't expect me too high,
cause i can't

sorry in advance.
sorry for being such a disappointment to you,

your daughter.

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