Assalamualaikum. thank you sebab sudi singgah blog ni. You all are welcome here!

Short Biodata
Name: Ain Nadia Syahmina
Known as: Syaina
Age: 17 years old (2016)

Stat: Selangor
Country: Malaysia
Birthday: 2 March
Fav. Colours: Blue and Pink
Language: Malay and English
Hobby: Blogging, Sleeping, Eating, Reading
Fav Quotes: Shoot for the moon. Even If you miss. You will stand among the stars.

Blood Mixed: Malay plus Jawa. haha
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♥ Eating
♥ Blogging
♥ Jason Mraz
♥ Vanilla Ice Cream
♥ Surfing
♥ Moon
♥ Pink
♥ Sleeping

✖ Anons, Haters, Copypasters
✖ Liars
✖ Snails and all animals that don't have backbones
✖ Make up
✖ High heels

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